Safety Pipe Technology

Hydrogen distribution through existing infrastructure

Safety pipe technology, Pipe-within-a-Pipe™ is as simple as it sounds—a patented two-layer pipe system that supplies local regions with safe and reliable clean energy. This breakthrough patented technology provides the most cost-effective, safest, and scalable way to address safety for end-user delivery of fuel cell grade hydrogen, especially for sensitive populated areas. Safety pipe technology, Pipe-within-a-Pipe,™ will save companies and governments billions of dollars by avoiding the construction of new hydrogen pipelines by retrofitting existing ones for hydrogen. This leveraged stranded assets in the energy transition and significantly reduces regulatory challenges.


  • Flexible plastic “Safety Pipe” flowing with inert gas
  • Sensors capable of detecting even minute non threatening leaks
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer or steel pipe
  • Fuel cell grade unadulterated hydrogen


600 miles

Transport distance (without re-pressurization)

50 years

Lifespan (operating at 2,500 psi)


Hydrogen purity level

Clean Energy Infrastructure

We use fossil fuels today because of the vast infrastructure that makes it so convenient. Nearly 3 million miles of pipeline traverse the United States, and 300 thousand miles in Europe, delivering natural gas, liquid petroleum, and other non-renewable energy resources to homes and businesses across the country.

Our Safety Pipe Technology will leverage current infrastructure, like existing oil and gas pipelines, water pipes, sewer lines, or storm drains. It is the first and only clean energy distribution solution of its kind, capable of maintaining hydrogen purity levels above 99.9%.


Homes and communities

Power for families, homes, and residential centers


Electric cars, buses, trains, ferries and semi-trailer trucks


Factories, warehouses, hospitals, data centers, and towers

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