H2C’s Patented Warehouse-in-the-Sky Is the First to Enable Pinpoint Drone Delivery via a Beacon

Santa Barbara, CA, April 4, 2024 – H2 Clipper, Inc. (“H2C”), an aerospace and alternative energy company developing uniquely capable hydrogen-powered dirigibles, announces that it was granted a new U.S. patent for its warehouse-in-the-sky that includes the integration of aerial drones for picking up, transporting, and delivering packaged goods and other payloads. The technology incorporates:

●      the use of a beacon, which can be a dedicated device or one’s own personal cell phone, that enables package delivery by drone for companies like Amazon/FedEx/UPS/DHL etc., particularly in remote locations. Uniquely, the beacon also permits package returns from rural areas and remote global villages to put those items into international commerce; 

●      the ability to launch drones from a dirigible, allowing the drones to use all on-board energy to lift heavier packages rather than using that same energy to fly to the drop-off or pickup zone, resulting in efficient use of every route;

●      charging bays for the aerial drones to recharge between short flights, which  further reduces package delivery and retrieval time and trips;

●      an on-board camera with each drone which provides proof of delivery, and is particularly important when using drone delivery in rural areas.

 With this patented technology, H2C’s warehouse-in-the-sky is the only airship technology that allows for pinpoint pick-up and delivery accuracy for commercial, consumer, and humanitarian use.

 “With the continued increase in online purchasing, the speed, convenience, and cost of local delivery are essential considerations for the supply chain,” said H2C Founder and CEO Rinaldo S. Brutoco. “By utilizing airships for delivery, shipments can bypass the exceedingly crowded and inefficient port facilities and airports, and eliminate the need for multiple intermodal transfers, handling steps, and ground-based facilities—minimizing delays and reducing costs.”

 US Patent 11,820,482 B2, entitled “Method and Apparatus for Lighter-Than-Air Airship with Improved Structure and Delivery System,” was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and focuses on enhancements over previous airship designs and operating modes. Methods such as those described in H2C’s latest patent are focused on improving the “last mile” of delivery. The enhanced aerodynamic characteristics of the improved airship will enable it to travel at significant speeds, making door-to-door overnight delivery from a few regional warehouses and second-day door-to-door delivery of goods a possibility across the world. This ability to rapidly serve end-users directly from the factory or a few large regional distribution centers will resolve the last-mile challenges and provide a strong competitive advantage. The improvements represent a continuation of the work that H2C began in 2008 when it filed for its initial patent, which was issued in 2012.

 This news follows H2C’s January 2024 announcement that it was awarded a foundational robotics patent for using advanced "swarm robotics," which achieves radical reductions of cost and quantum advances in manufacturing techniques for a wide variety of applications—including large scale lighter than air airships.

 H2C is represented in intellectual property matters by John C. Serio, a Partner in the Boston Intellectual Property and Technology Group at Withers Worldwide.

The drawing above depicts an electric powered drone leaving the airship for delivery of a package to a destination by homing in on a beacon received in advance from the package shipper, or the recipient’s cell phone, and placed there by the package recipient. Once the package is delivered a photo is uplinked to the airship for delivery confirmation. The same technology - the drone to retrieve packages as well as deliver them.


H2 Clipper, Inc.