H2 Clipper Chief Financial Officer Joe Massaquoi Presents at Catalyst H2

Joe Massaquoi was a featured speaker at Catalyst H2. He was a panelist for the session, “Game-Changing Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Innovation.”

SANTA BARBARA, CA (September 28, 2022) — H2 Clipper, Inc., an aerospace and alternative energy company developing uniquely capable hydrogen-powered airships, proprietary safety hydrogen pipelines, and other end-to-end infrastructure solutions, announces that its CFO, Joe Massaquoi, was a featured speaker at Catalyst H2 on November 15, 2022, in California. Massaquoi was a panelist for the session, “Game-Changing Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Innovation.” The session explored a variety of innovative transport and storage pathways that are reinventing traditional methods, as well as their implications for how hydrogen is produced and used to support the emerging green hydrogen economy.

Massaquoi, who was an executive at Boeing for over eight years, has more than 25 years of experience as a global finance executive and investment banker for growth-stage private companies, mainly in the aerospace/aviation, cleantech, and transportation sectors. As H2 Clipper’s CFO, he focuses on strategic financial planning and management to prepare the company for a significant capital raise. This will bring the company closer to commercializing its patented, complementary hydrogen transportation solutions designed to deliver green hydrogen from remote areas where hydrogen can be most inexpensively produced to places where clean energy is most needed.

Hosted by the Green Hydrogen Coalition (GHC) and Strategen, Catalyst H2 is an annual in-person, two-day event featuring keynote speakers and presenters advancing the green hydrogen economy. This year’s program focused on why green hydrogen is a game changer to accelerate a clean and just energy transition and the importance of prioritizing ports in a multi-sectoral approach to green hydrogen hub development.


H2 Clipper, Inc. is the developer of high-speed, “Pipeline-In-The-Sky™” hydrogen-powered airships for long distance global transport that use no fossil fuels and have a host of commercial and humanitarian applications, and of the new Pipe-Within-A-Pipe™ “last mile” distribution system to deliver pure hydrogen to end users. Since 2008, the company has made significant strategic investments to research, develop, and patent core IP in modern airship design and regional solutions for delivery of hydrogen, forming a global end-to-end hydrogen infrastructure.

H2 Clipper recently completed the research and concept design phases on its disruptive modern airships using the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. The airship-based Pipeline-in-the-Sky™ for transporting pure hydrogen to market also enables point-to-point delivery of cargo and other payloads at speeds of 175+ miles per hour; a significant advantage over truck, rail, ship, airplane, or pipeline.

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