Machine Design on "Building the Hydrogen Highway"

"Moving liquid hydrogen is key to establishing the Hydrogen Economy. Here are two technologies developed by H2 Clipper for meeting that challenge."

By Stephen J. Mraz  

The Hydrogen Economy is gaining steam as companies and countries invest billions to produce energy from renewables and use it to extract hydrogen from water. The hydrogen is then put into fuel cells to generate electricity for cars and factories and to power combustion engines.

One weak link in this plan, however, is the reliance on pipelines and ships to transport the hydrogen from the solar panels and wind turbines to where it can be used or distributed to consumers and industry.

Fortunately, Rinaldo Brutoco, a strong proponent and pioneer of green hydrogen as the fuel of the future, has worked with the engineers at H2 Clipper, the company he founded and heads, to develop a pair of hydrogen transportation technologies that could make the Hydrogen Economy an economical and environmental boon"

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