Hydrogen-fuelled green freight

H2 Clipper plans to build airships that simultaneously transport and use hydrogen to power their engines.

H2 Clipper, a California based aerospace and alternative energy company, has the technology to revolutionise green transport and they are currently immersed in two big projects. First, creating the biggest, fastest hydrogen-powered airship fleet. Second, in the words of the founder, chairman and CEO Rinaldo Brutoco, “to move large quantities of hydrogen from where it’s least expensive to produce, to where the customers live”.

The vision behind H2 Clipper is so vivid and exciting that Ángel Gurría, former Secretary-General (2006-21) of the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), who also formerly served as Minister of Finance and Public Credit and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Mexico, is now part of the team.

How he got convinced? “First of all, because I strongly believe that this is the way to the future,” Gurría says.”[The company] is addressing one of the most important issues that follow hydrogen. From the production to the consumer.”

“For me,” he adds, “this is like one step down in terms of specificity. Because, so far, I have been looking at the overall issues, the bigger picture problems that governments have to face regarding climate change. And here is this company, that was looking into some of the most relevant challenges and that has the potential to solve them. That is what makes H2 Clipper so exciting, and that is what convinced me to join.”

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