How H2 Clipper’s Pipe-within-a-pipe technology could revolutionise hydrogen transportation

H2 Clipper continues to create shockwaves throughout the hydrogen industry with its innovative hydrogen airship technology and a new pipeline technology that could provide the ‘most efficient way’ of transporting clean hydrogen within a radius of 1,000 miles

H2 Clipper’s goal was to invent a disruptive way to move large quantities of cryogenic hydrogen from anywhere in the world with the lowest energy cost from renewable resources (2-3¢/kw) where it could be electrolysed, to consumers everywhere in the world. We refer to this as H2 Clipper’s globe straddling capability for distant, cost-effective delivery of cryogenic hydrogen as our Pipeline-in-the-Sky™.

Once delivered to a distant market, the cryogenic hydrogen will be put into depots (like the one already in Kobe, Japan) where it will be reheated and be able to be pumped out to an unlimited number of metropolitan locations (e.g. gas stations, bus stations, truck & railroad terminals) using our special technology threaded through existing methane, oil, water mains, sewer pipes, storm drains, and even subway tracks to the literal gas pump.

We’ve shown that this is a viable approach to radically reduce the infrastructure costs of the hydrogen economy conversion, which we refer to as a Pipe-Within-A-Pipe™.

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