H2 View: €3.5bn project to create 1,500km hydrogen backbone pipeline for Germany

Hydrogen infrastructure in Germany has been handed a significant boost today (March 24) with RWE and OGE unveiling a hydrogen infrastructure concept including 1GW of new electrolyser capacity and 1,500km of pipeline

In order to speed up the development of the German hydrogen economy in light of recent EU plans to displace Russian fossil fuel and gas reliance, the concept could turn Germany into a powerhouse for the clean energy carrier.

Dubbed H2ercules the plans aim to install an additional 1GW of electrolyser capacity whilst also linking it via pipeline infrastructure to storage and import facilities in Northern Germany.

Additional import routes from the south and east are also currently under development and could be connected to the pipeline by 2030.

Because of this, the H2ercules project could become the backbone for the German hydrogen economy and create a hydrogen network that spans the entire nation.

RWE has also said that companies such as thyssenkrupp have signalled an interest in being connected to such a grid.

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