Dassault Sytemes H2Clipper Partnership

f we can create a Pipeline in the Sky™ for transporting hydrogen from where it’s produced to where it’s most needed and transport freight 100% carbon-free for less than the cost of today’s air freight, can we ensure that we achieve CO2-reduction targets by 2050?

H2 Clipper has used Dassault Systèmes' CATIA applications since 2018 to develop a significant body of design and intellectual property assets.  Based on its admission into the Accelerator Program, H2 Clipper will be able to dramatically expand its team’s use of other software capabilities on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform for work involving aeronautical, mechanical, composites, fluids, and electrical design and engineering.

H2 Clipper plans to use the Platform’s project management, design, modeling, and simulation apps to optimize every aspect of the airship’s design, engineering, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and marketing processes in anticipation of completing detailed design and construction of a 40% prototype that it targets to fly in 2025, with the goal of flying its first full-sized airship in 2029.

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